week of 05.29.06 // summer arrivals!

The long and beautiful Memorial Day weekend has come to an end. Sigh. Now that we have all eaten our fill of all things grilled, it’s time to cleanse the old digestive system with plenty of dairy! Or something like that.  Well anyways, if dairy’s your game, we’ve gotten in some new cheeses to try that are summery and just generally fantastical.

This week, look out for:

Thistle Hill Farm Tarentaise:
Our newest arrival comes from John and Janine Putnam up in North Pomfret, Vermont. Tarentaise is one of the truest expressions of farmstead cheese in the lineup at Saxelby Cheesemongers. The Putnams produce just about everything they need to make the cheese right on the farm, from the rennet used to start the cheesemaking each day to the hay used to augment the cows’ pasture-based diet. Tarentaise is modeled after the great cheeses of the Savoie, and its concave rind is a shout-out to the classic Beaufort D’Alpage. It’s golden paste and seemingly mild, nutty flavor give way to a truly interesting sharpness, the kind of taste that starts off subtly and then leaves you saying yowsa! That’s some cheese!

Jasper Hill Farm Constant Bliss (the sequel):
For those of you who have been lamenting the absence of Constant Bliss, the pretty little pillowy cylinders of cow’s milk cheese, the wait is almost over!! Come Wednesday or Thursday, good old Constant Booty will be back in the cave. 

Meadow Creek Dairy Alpeggio:
This cheese has been a fantastic addition to the selection at Saxelby’s, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Alpeggio is a one time only batch of cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy in Virginia, and we are getting down to the last wheel Made from real live DOC Fontina culture, which Rick and Helen (the cheesemakers) intrepidly smuggled into the country, this raw cow’s milk cheese is well-balanced, beefy and buttery and golden. It may not last out the week. We may well have our own Memorial day celebration for it when it is gone!


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