week of 07.03.06 Get Ready, Get Set, Garden Party!

We are gearing up for our garden party (finally!) and have set the date for Saturday July 22nd. Why are we having a garden party, you ask? Well, the short answer is: because we’re fun. The long answer is: Saxelby Cheesemongers has nominated Dave and Sue Evans, upstate dairy farmers, to be delegates at this year’s Slow Food Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy! Our goal is to raise enough money to fund the cost of their transportation to and from the conference. A portion of the proceeds will also go to benefit the community garden that is generously donating their space and fresh air to the event. If you want to read more about the Evans family and why they are great, check out the blog at


It will be an afternoon affair, where you (the cheese lover) can come and taste all of the Evans Farmhouse Creamery products as interpreted by Lower East Side chefs. Participating restaurants include Little Giant, Brown Café, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, and the Tasting Room. Tickets are available through the website, saxelbycheese.com, and are only 20 bucks! So if you’re looking for some good clean fun, augmented by tons of cheese, ice cream, butter, egg creams, and other unabashedly tasty things, put your name on the roster!

What’s new and delicious at the shop, you ask? Well I’m here to tell you:

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep’s Milk:
Sheep cheese season has come barreling into Saxelby’s over the weekend with a bang (or should I say splash?!) The milk from Karen Weinberg’s sheep is absolutely wonderful, rich and sweet with a nutty animal flavor. Note: can be used for everything cow’s milk is used for…. cereal, coffee (the naturally higher fat content of sheep milk makes it PERFECT for adding to your cuppa joe.) All you naysayers… stop in for a shot if you don’t believe me.

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep’s Milk Yogurt:
Sheep’s milk yogurt possesses many virtues, besides being awfully tasty. First and foremost among them is its gentleness on your digestive system. Many people who have difficulty digesting cow’s milk products can wolf down the sheep’s milk equivalent with ease. The taste is superb… fresh, tangy and acidic, and the texture is curd-y and light. Comes in two sizes, by the pint for you hard-core folks, and by the cup for the more bashful first-timers.

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