hot cheese in the summertime!

We’re in the middle of another one of those heat wave things. Dang.
My best advice is this: Find an air-conditioned locale, buy some
cheese and bread and beer, and have a picnic. Avoid turning your oven
on at all costs!

Cheeses that I like during hot sticky weather: (ok, well I kind of
like all of them, but anyways…)

Lazy Lady Farm Trillium:
A new one from Laini Fondiller up at Lazy Lady Farm. This pasteurized
cheese is made from a mix of goats’ milk and cow’s milk from her
neighbor’s farm. The cheese is mold ripened and has three layers of
vegetable ash in it, forming a distinctive goat-cow-goat tower of
milky goodness!

Beltane Farm Danse de la Lune:
A little crottin of goat cheese from beautiful southeastern
Connecticut. Danse de la Lune has it all… (including a killer fancy
sounding french name) good salt, good goaty flavor, and a dense
creamy texture that melts in your mouth, and most probably in your
hand too.

Cato Corner Farm Hooligan:
For those daring folks who not only want to defy convention and eat
cheese in the middle of summer, but also want to take on the stinky
stuff! Hooligan is rocking right now! It is winy, prune-y and
pungent… and the best part is, you only have to leave it out on your
countertop for minutes for it to get nice and gooey. Take advantage
of the heat! Eat stinky cheese!

One thought on “hot cheese in the summertime!

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