Fresh Dairy Update

This is the debut issue of the fresh dairy update, just to keep
everybody informed about the treasures that populate my walk-in
cooler. Sure, they’re used to playing second fiddle to the cheese,
but this week, they’re in the limelight. Aw, go on, make em’ feel

Indian Run Farm Free Range Eggs:
Ok, so this isn’t exactly dairy, but it is fresh, and eggs and dairy
have always been a match made in heaven. Just had to get this one out
of the way. Sold by the dozen, half dozen, or individually.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Creamline Milk:
The richest and most delicious milk in town. The cream layer on top
is so thick; you can scrape it off and slather it on your toast.
Available in quarts and half gallons.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Buttermilk:
Cultured milk that drinks like yogurt. Take it home and make some
pancakes, or do like the Europeans do and just guzzle it down.

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Creamline Yogurt:
This non-homogenized yogurt is the stuff dreams are made of. Made by
the Evans’ ‘yogurt team’ aka their four daughters, creamline yogurt
comes in lemon, blackberry, orange, double maple, and of course, plain
old plain.

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep’s Milk:
Like a milkshake… or at the very least, good fresh cream. Milder and
sweeter than goat’s milk, but with the same gentle touch for tummies
that are sensitive to cow’s milk. Live on the edge. Drink sheep’s

Three Corner Field Farm Sheep’s Milk Yogurt:
Oh la la. The texture of this yogurt lies somewhere north of the
custard line. Heavy and thick, is great for cooking, noshing on, or
mixed with honey or fresh preserves as an easy and fantastical

Coming Soon…

Stone and Thistle Farm Fresh Organic Goat’s Milk:
I had to round out the fresh milk trifecta and get some goat milk.
What can I say? I just flat out love it.

Also back in action starting next week:
Evans Farmhouse Crème Fraîche and Evans Farmhouse Butter

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