My favorite cheesehead

Good morning cheeseheads!

My favorite cheesehead, who also happens to be my mom, (born and
raised in southern Wisconsin) is here in the city for the week to hang
out at the cheese shop and spruce the place up a bit. Come on by the
shop and if you ask nicely, she’ll give you a taste of one of her

Pam’s Picks for Cheese:

Cobb Hill Farm Ascutney Mountain:
What’s not to like about this cheese?! It’s made from raw cows’ milk,
aged for 10 months, and has every kind of nutty and crunchy sweetness
your little heart could desire. Popularity contests stink (bring back
too many memories of junior high and the like) But truth be told,
Ascutney is the number 1 seller at Saxelby Cheesemongers. Just goes to
show you, mom’s got good taste!

Twig Farm Soft Wheel:
Soft wheel is a washed-rind raw goat’s milk cheese from the farm of
Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman. It is pleasantly creamy and has just
the right balance of grassy, pungent, and goaty flavors. Seriously,
this cheese is a dreamboat.

Lazy Lady Farm Buck Hill Sunshine:
Laini Fondiller, cheese maker and PUNdit, said of this cheese: ‘creamy
and brie-like, but whey better!’ That just about sums it up. Buck
Hill Sunshine is made from the milk of Laini’s neighbor’s cows up in
Westfield VT and has an awesome amount of cow-y animal flavor locked
in under that unassuming little white rind. It won’t arrive till
later this week (probably Thursday) so you have something to look
forward to!

Other things that Pam wants you to know about:

Saxelby Cheesemongers T-Shirts are now on sale!

Womens: $18
Mens: $15

Gift Certificates are all up in the cheese shop.

Available in $25 and $50 certificates.

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