Goat Appreciation Week

Goat Appreciation Week!

They’re cute. They’re affectionate. They’re mischevious. They smell goaty. Three cheers for the good old Capra hircus (ie goat)!

This week of goat love was spurned by our trip to Sprout Creek Farm last Saturday, where we were inundated with Alpines, Nubians, Toggenbergs… just about every kind of goat you can imagine! And thanks be to goats, they make some yummy cheese. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve got in the cheese case this week…

Twig Farm Goat Tomme:
A savory, grassy and earthy wheel of goat goodness from the cellars of Twig Farm. It has the taste of flowers and grasses compressed into melt-in-your-mouth cheese! If you haven’t yet tried Twig Farm’s cheeses, shame on you.

Beltane Farm Danse de la Lune:
A tiny mold-ripened goats’ milk cheese that packs a tangy punch along with each and every creamy bite. Like Van Morrison said, well it’s a marvelous night for a moon dance… in cheese format.

Lazy Lady Farm Les Pyramids:
Beautiful, fresh and elegant, with a delicate white rind that somehow contains the perfect amount of musky goat flavor. These little mold-ripened pyramids are begging to be carved up at your dinner table.

To see pictures of goats, and other details of our Day A-Whey, visit:



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