Get Cultured! Eat More Dairy.

Who ever said you had to go to fancy schmancy museums and such to be cultured? All it takes is a little yogurt, or buttermilk, or cheese in your belly. Ha! In one fell swoop of your breakfast spoon you can become a shepherd of high society. A little bit of live culture goes a long way.

Stuff you’ve got to try:

Evans Farmhouse Creamery Creamline Yogurts:
Plain or flavored. Whatever suits your fancy! They’re full fat and not homogenized, which means that each cup is topped by succulent layer of cream guarding the yogurt-y fathoms below. And they’’re organic to boot. Eating one of these delicious things earns you major brownie points with the environment and your taste buds!

Three Corner Field Farm Sheeps’ Milk Yogurt:
Of all the animals on the farm (well, the dairy ones anyway), sheeps’’ milk is the highest in fat. What does that mean besides being extra tasty? Well, for one thing, it yields a dense and rich yogurt, more custard than liquid. And the fresh, slightly sweet flavor of the sheeps’ milk means it is equally suitable as dessert or breakfast. Mix it with maple syrup or fresh preserves and get a sheep yogurt high. Yes, it’’s totally legal.

Tonjes Farm Buttermilk:
After a long hiatus, buttermilk is back in the cooler at Saxelby’s! Tonjes’ buttermilk is rich and thick like a milkshake. It is just dying to be made into biscuits or pancakes or any other old thing you can dream up. Winter is coming…better start in on the hearty stuff. Check out the blog ( for buttermilk recipes!

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