A Saxelby Cheesemongers Holiday Letter

First off, apologies for not sending out an email last week! I am racked with guilt! Well, I’ll blame my lovely sister Megan for that one. She was in town visiting and we got a little carried away with sisterly time. She lives in Chicago so she can’t hit me for writing this. (Well, not just now anyways.) This week’s email is a doozy… Hopefully it can make up for lost time!!

A Saxelby Cheesemongers Holiday Letter.

This year has been a big one for all of us here at Saxelby Cheesemongers. I mean, heck, we didn’t even exist at this time last year! (By we, I mean the perverbial ‘WE’ you all are included…) Saxelby’s was just a little star in the sky, or a gleam in somebody’s eye, or some other such cheesy cliché. Well, the cheese shop was born on Cinco de Mayo, and margaritas notwithstanding, it was a good day. We persevered through the summer, not balking at the broken air conditioner in the Essex Market during the heat wave (I hid in the walk-in), nor at other small calamities and dramas (broken display cases, small floods, dead dogs in the market, etc. True story, a dog went to doggie heaven not 20 feet from the cheese shop. Read the blog to learn more about that one.)
Throughout the months, many new cheeses have been eaten and discovered, and for that we are eternally grateful to the cheese makers! Lazy Lady Farm has kept us stocked with innumerable hilarious and tasty cheeses (Tomme de Lay and Barick Obama to name a few) and the brothers Kehler at Jasper Hill have graciously sold me some of their narcotic Cabot clothbound cheddar for the holidays. Yum! In the dairy department, there is nothing but goodness to report. Dave and Sue Evans and their five kids are churning out more creamline milk and yogurt than you can shake a stick at. And their butter has become my mainstay, my stalwart companion, through breakfast time and mashed potato time. Some might say I need to get out more, but to them I would answer: ‘Have you not tried this butter? Who needs friends and parties and stuff when you could sit down at your table on a Saturday night with some lovely buttered toast?!’
Sheeps’ milk yogurt, though met with trepidation by some, is earning its well-deserved place in the refrigerators of customers across the city. And stinky cheeses from Vermont to Virginia are happily asserting their odoriferous selves all over town. Subway riders beware of the man sitting next to you eating a Grayson cheese sandwich!
Thank you all for the cheesy love. Everybody have themselves a happy holiday season now, ya hear?

Saxelby Cheesemongers


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