Happy New Year!

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Happy New Year! (A little bit late)

The New Year has come and gone, and while I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, the terrifying truth of the matter is that I’ve run out of cheese! Yes, it’s true… between me and my family we have demolished all of the rations I brought from the cheese shop. What’s a cheesemonger to do? I mean, seafood is good and all, but let’s be serious.

So the dairy withdrawal symptoms are in full effect for me, (you know, shaking, looking around wild-eyed and confused, flying off the handle for no reason…) and I’m starting to feel pretty bad about leaving all y’all out in the cold for a full week, sans fromage. But don’t despair! There will be plenty of cheesy goodness to be had starting bright and early in the am. Joe, our dairy delivery guy (and former track cyclist) will be stopping by with a load of Evans Farmhouse butter, yogurt, milk, and eggs from upstate NY farms. And all throughout the week, the stores will be replenished with stalwart cheeses from our buddies at Jasper Hill Farm, Meadow Creek Dairy, and Uplands Cheese.

You won’t go hungry again! I promise. Happiest New Year’s greetings to you all! I personally think that 2007 may just be the cheesiest year ever.

To check out some vacation cheese-inspired recipes, visit the blog!


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