Aged cheese: a potent foodstuff

Tis the season to eat aged cheese! You know the old adage ‘You are what you eat?’ Well, if you think about it in those terms, some of the best cheese is made when those little goats, cows, and sheep(s) are out on pasture noshing on delicious grasses, flowers, and herbs. In a nutshell, that means cheeses made from spring and summer milk. There are a few genuine beauts reaching ripened perfection at the shop right now; cheeses that are rich, hearty and chock full of concentrated summer sunshine. Something we could all use a little more of at this time of year.

But take heed! Aged cheese = no nonsense, gonna fill you up cheese. As Pierre Androuet, French cheese guru, once wrote in a letter to his daughter, a quarter pound of Comte has as much fat and protein as a steak! How’s that for potent?

Aged cheeses du jour include:

Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve:
Raw cow’s milk. Dodgeville, WI
Made only 9 weeks out of the year when Mike Gingrich’s cows can browse the rolling pastures of Southwestern Wisconsin, Pleasant Ridge really hits the spot right about now. Made in the style of a classic Gruyère, PRR (it’s thug street moniker) is caramelly and nutty and salty… guaranteed to sate the biggest of cheesy appetites! It’s been aging for 8 months, and is ripe and ready to go.

Hillman Farm Harvest Goat Cheese:
Raw goats’ milk. Colrain, MA
Man oh man, are we lucky to have a few wheels of this kicking around. Made from raw goats’ milk, and aged over 7 months, this cheese may make believers out of those who swear they don’t like goat cheese. It is dense, flowery and musky in character, with just a hint of sweetness reminiscent of some aged gouda-type cheeses. You’ll likey. We promise.

Bonnieview Farm Coomersdale:
Raw sheeps’ milk. Craftsbury Common, VT
A pecorino-style sheeps’ milk cheese that has the trifecta of nutty, sheepy, and zippy tart-ness that I love and cherish so much. I mean, what’s a sheep cheese unless you can taste the sheep? From the outside, this gorgeous natural rind cheese looks like the surface of the moon. From the inside, it is pure, smooth, golden sheeps’ milk goodness.

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