Hey Everybody.

I’ve been pondering this for weeks, but, as most of my battles with technology eventually prove, it was much less hard than I anticipated. Saxelby Cheesemongers is now on flickr, which means that YOU get to spy on all of our cheesy campaigns in and around New York.

The first installment of photos features Benoit (cheesemonger extraordinaire) and Mark Gillman (cheese maker at Cato Corner farm) making some Bloomsday cheese, one of the finest specimens of cows’ milk cheese this side of the Mississippi. (It doesn’t get any less fun to spell the older you get.)

About a month ago, Benoit and I made a trek up to Cato Corner to make cheese for the day and check in with Mark and Liz to see what was doing at the farm. It was quite a lovely stay… we took advantage of the many opportunities on the farm to wear hairnets and change into cheese making clothes in a frigid stairwell leading down to the cheese cave. No one ever said making cheese was going to be easy.

It only served to make us hungrier for dinner that night, which was expertly whipped up by Mark (AFTER, I emphasize, a day’s worth of making cheese) We were joined by the folks down the road from Beltane farm for a night of wine drinking and cheese eating and all around good times.

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it looks like to make cheese, it’s just a click away!

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