New Cheese Ahoy!

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Endlessly seeking to please your cheesy palates, Saxelby Cheesemongers has sought out some newbies for the shop. From familiar farms like Cato Corner Farm to new folks like Consider Bardwell Farm, we have some great finds ripe for the noshing. How ‘bout a warm welcome for the new guys!

Cato Corner Farm Drunk Monk:
(raw cows’ milk. Colchester, CT)

Drunk Monk is a Hooligan gone wild, washed in a nutty brown ale from the Willimantic Brewing Company. For centuries, monks had the good life… making cheese and beer in house, and combining them to make tasty cheeses. Now Cato Corner Farm, hardly a monastery, is following in their footsteps. Drunk Monk is rich, dense, and creamy, and gets better and better the longer you leave it out on your kitchen counter. A stinky pursuit, but well worth it!

Consider Bardwell Farm Manchester:
(raw goats’ milk. West Pawlet, VT)

Manchester. Which New England state are we talking about here anyways? This is a cheese that all Northeasterners can relate to. Perhaps Manchester is to cheese making what Springfield was to the creators of the Simpsons. Aged anywhere from four to seven months, Manchester is a robust, animal-y, and slightly spicy cheese. It’s texture and temperament make it perfectly suited to shave over salads, or as a table cheese.

And this is just the beginning! In the coming weeks we will be steamrolled by new cheeses as goat cheese season comes into full swing. Keep a look out for all those fresh little goats… they’re tasty little trouble makers.

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