Picnic Cheese Addendum

Ok cheese-sters.

Just in case you need a little picnic inspiration, we’ve compiled a little list of outdoor jaunts that are PERFECT for cheese consumption. I mean, in theory, anywhere, bus stop benches included, is a perfect place for cheese consumption. But if you’re looking for a beautiful place, well we’ve got your number.

New York Picnic-Ready Venues:

Here is a list of free events that equal picnic time. Use the money you saved on tickets to go buy more wine and cheese!

Brooklyn Bridge movies with a view 2007, Starts July
5th. Check out the link!

Music in the Park (Central, that is…)
Series of concerts and great operas to pair with
special cheeses! La Boheme is June 12 and Faust June

Shakespeare in the Park (Romeo & Juliet)
Mon June 11 at 8PM, Mon July 2 at 8PM & Sun July 8

Finally the Bryant Park Film Fesival
starts June 18th

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