Picnic Cheese if you please!

Picnic cheese if you please!

Saxelby Cheesemongers Day A Whey trip to Valley Shepherd Creamery has left me bitten by (and smitten with) the picnic bug…

And you don’t need to travel far and wide to have a stellar summer picnic. All you need is a healthy chunk of cheese. And maybe one or two other essentials (bread, wine, what else is there?) to round things out.

There are a few cheeses that seem to me to be especially picnic worthy these days. So before you head out to the park, be sure to check out:

Three Corner Field Brebis Blanche:
A light and tart little button of fresh sheeps’ milk cheese. I swear to you, drizzle this guy with a little bit of honey and you might find yourself floating away on a blissful little trip to cheese paradise*

*wine aids considerably with this effect

Try it with a crisp, floral summery white like Vouvray or something more mineral and apple-ish like Muscadet.

Lazy Lady Farm La Petite Tomme:
A delicious disc of soft, creamy, thick goat cheese from the artful hands of Laini Fondiller. If this cheese doesn’t make a goat lover out of you, you’ve got some explaining to do…

Try it with a spiced wheat beer, the hints of coriander and citrus’ll do a goat cheese good.

Cato Corner Farm Brigid’s Abbey:
A stalwart and rustic picnic cheese if there ever was one. This country-fied tomme of sweet and buttery cows’ milk cheese is just begging to be eaten alongside your favorite chunk of cured meat or juicy summer fruit.

Try it with everything! But if I must be more specific… how about a light dry red, like Beaujolais or a nutty brown ale?

Birchrun Hills Farm Birchrun Blue:
Earthy creamy blue from hearty Pennsylvania Holstein cows. The rind, dusted with white, brown, and purplish mold contributes a floral and mushroomy quality to the rich creamy blue that lies beneath.

Try it with a bright juicy red like Zinfandel or a sweeter white like Riesling.

So there. Go picnic your little heart out! And don’t say we didn’t warn you about the bug…


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