July = American Cheese-a-palooza.

An extremely informative rundown of all things cheesy in July.

For all of you die hard patriots out there (and everybody else with a healthy appetite for fromage) July is the perfect month to eat American cheese! Wouldn’t our forefathers be proud to know that our great nation is producing such a myriad of tasty cheeses and dairy products? I can see it now: George Washington crossing the Delaware, thumbing his nose at old British Cheddar in favor of a slice of Cabot Clothbound from Jasper Hill Farm, fireworks exploding in the background, little chunks of cheese raining down on everyone from the sky. This is the stuff of Hollywood movies. And my imagination.

In keeping with this month’s domestic cheese mania, Saxelby Cheesemongers has put together a few fun and informative events! If you’re in town, come hungry! you’ll taste and learn all you need to know about American Cheese.

The Atlas of American Cheese

This Friday, July 6th

The Atlas of American Cheese book talk hosted by Jeff Roberts
Artisan Cheese and Craft Beer Tasting

Jimmy’s no. 43
43 7th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave.)

Two Seatings!
6:00-7:30 pm (early birds)
8:00-9:30 pm (burly birds)

Be sure to get your tickets early, as space is running out fast!
Tickets are available online, just click on the links listed below.

Saxelby Cheesemongers, Jeff Roberts, author of the newly released Atlas of American Cheese, and Jimmy’s no. 43 are joining forces to bring you the best American Farmstead cheese tasting of the summer! Listen as cheese aficionado Jeff Roberts details his cross-country sojourn, meeting cheese makers and discovering some of the most obscure handmade cheeses being crafted in America today. From the green mountains of Vermont to the rugged Alaskan backcountry, Mr. Roberts has seen (and tasted) it all! Saxelby Cheesemongers, purveyors of fine American farmstead cheese, will provide a five flight tasting of delicious, off the beaten path New England cheeses, while Jimmy Carbone serves up some home-grown condiments and pours tasty craft beers to calm that cheese-induced thirst. And to quench that other thirst (the one for knowledge that is) Jeff Roberts will be on hand to answer questions for all those inclined to learn more about the American cheese revolution happening in our midst!

Jeff Roberts is a co-founder of the Vermont institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont. He is also an active leader in Slow Food USA’s raw milk cheese presidium, and helped organize numerous initiatives for sustainability and agriculture in the US and abroad. The Atlas of American Cheese is the most comprehensive volume on domestic artisanal cheese to be published to date. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet an American cheese master!

All attendees will receive a signed copy of Mr. Roberts’ book, The Atlas of American Cheese, hot off the press from Chelsea Green Publishing.

For tickets ($60) and information, please visit:


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