American Cheese Society Recap

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a sculpture made completely out of cheese!!! Yes, we are a bunch of dairy geeks. Hear us roar.

So, last week we were up at Jasper Hill Farm, making delicious cheese and communing with the cows. But, we were also eating lots of cheese at the American Cheese Society Conference and picking out some gems to share with the likes of you all!

Here’s the rundown of what’s new on the cheese block:

Mecox Bay Dairy Cheddar:
A big old wheel of raw cow’s milk cheese that has been aged for about six months. Mecox Cheddar is not your garden variety stuff. (reference photo above to see what Mecox Cheddar is NOT) Nay, it is an entity unto itself. The texutre is pliant, snappy, and creamy, reminiscent of much younger cheeses. Mecox Cheddar is characterized by fruity and nutty flavors, and has a bit of that swiss cheese acidity that tickles your nose as you munch on it. A gorgeous cheese to tote along on a picnic or to savor on a hearty hunk of toasted bread.

And if you can’t make it into the shop to try a slice, why not just come on down to Mecox Bay Dairy with us this Sunday afternoon for A Day A-Whey! We’ve got a bus full of cheese lovers all set to go, and you should be on it. Don’t miss this fantastic day trip! For more details, click on:

Hillman Farm Hilltown Wheel:
Caroline Hillman’s cheeses are back! After a long winter and chilly spring the goats are up and ’em, and the cheeses are cave aged and ready to go. This year’s first offering is the Hilltown Wheel, a three to four month old goats’ milk cheese with a smooth and supple paste and a hint of lemon meringue citrus flavor laced in betwixt the musky goatier notes.

Woodcock Farm Timberdoodle:
A second prize winner in the farmstead category at the ACS! This unique and sweet mixed milk cheese (cow and sheep, unite!) is a true joy to snack on. The rind is carefully washed with salt water brine as the cheese ages, producing a mild and slightly earthy flavor. Timberdoodle is aged just about two months, and the resulting cheese is toothsome, buttery, and oh so slightly sheepy. Try it out with some heriloom tomatoes and spicy olive oil in a summer salad. You won’t be dissapointed, trust me.

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