Eek! What Happened to Monday?

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers
What happened to Monday?

One minute, we’re out on our Day A-Whey cavorting around Sprout Creek Farm and picking loads of apples at Mead Orchard, and the next thing you know it’s Tuesday… Yikes! Where does all the time go?

Well, sufficed to say I am sorry for my tardy email this week, but I hope it finds you all well and getting geared up for Halloween and whatever other mischief you have planned for the next few days.

This Day A-Whey trip was our best ever… the weather couldn’t have been finer, the provisions were delicious, and the company divine. Margo Morris, one of the founders of Sprout Creek Farm, spent the morning walking the farm with us, explaining the hows and whys of life on the farm. In addition to making some exceptional cheese, Sprout Creek is first and foremost an educational center for kids. Since it’s inception in 1982, Sprout Creek has been a place where children can come to learn about life on the farm, and what it takes to grow your own food. So, besides the cows, we got to get up close and personal with goats, sheep, ducks, chickens… you name it! I think I learned more about chickens than I ever thought possible, including the proper way to catch and hold one (it’s by the feet, not the neck, should any of you care to know).

Over the years, Sprout Creek Farm got bigger, and their herd of cows became heftier as well. Six years ago, they opened their creamery and began to produce Ouray (the cheese that we know and swoon over) as well as a canon of other delectable cow and goats’ milk cheeses. Colin, their young and passionate cheese maker, lead us on a gustatory tour of all of his cheeses, trusty standbys and new creations alike, elucidating all the ways milk can be made into cheese. Somewhere along the line as a CIA student, Colin became enamored with cheese and cheese making, and found his way down the road to Sprout Creek Farm. We are eagerly anticipating his new lactic innovations at the shop later this winter.

After a little lunch and stroll in the sun, we headed up to Mead Orchard for what turned out to be the last day of apple picking of the season! Since it’s been so warm this year, the trees were still brimming with fruit, and the Braeburn and Rome apples were crisp and tart and just about as close to perfection as apples can come. On the crest of one of the orchard’s hills, we were treated to a gorgeous view of the Catskills to the West and, much to our surprise to a few VERY late strawberries that were lurking under the leafy cover of low lying strawberry plants.

I think my Monday must have been spent just reeling over the goodness of Sunday, and concocting some plans for all those apples in my fridge. I’m thinking pie with a slice of Ouray melted on top…

Thanks to everyone who helped make this Day A-Whey our best yet! We’ll be in touch soon about more trips for next summer. It’ll be here before we know it!

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