Saxelby Cheesemongers Goes Home for the Holidays

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Good Monday morning cheese heads!

First of all, I would just like to say a big giant thank you to everyone who braved wind, sleet, and snow to help make yesterday’s Wintermarket a warm and wonderful event! Though the setting was chilly, the vittles were fine, and all you food-loving New Yorkers (And Texans and Jersey-ites, and Atlantans) came out in style. Wintermarket was truly a historic market event for New York City. Never before were so many different sustainable farmers, chefs, foragers, and purveyors gathered in the same place! We saw truffles from Vermont, a whole rolled up pig porchetta with the head on, a giant bowl of Brooklyn-made ricotta drizzled with a dizzying array of East End honeys, artisan breads and bike-ground tortillas, the list goes on and on…

With support like that, hopefully we can make the market a permanent fixture down by the seaport and party hardy every Sunday! If you care to, visit New Amsterdam Public’s website to learn more about Wintermarket and what you can do to help make another market event a reality.

But, alas, the week must begin anew. Don’t worry, we didn’t sell all our cheese at Wintermarket… there’s still plenty to be had for those lovely (indoor!) parties y’all are getting down to. I am a big advocate, somewhat obviously, of being the bringer of the cheese plate at ye olde holiday party. Not only does it look kinda fancy and sophisticated, it involves much less time and gnashing of teeth than making a fruitcake!

Saxelby Cheesemongers Holiday Cheese Recommendations:

Atlantic Mist, Mecox Bay Dairy
Raw cows’ milk. Bridgehampton, NY

Our little Mists are ripening up to the point of gooey perfection. For those of you who are haunted by the memory of that last succulent camembert you had in Paris way back when, good news! Atlantic Mist is the Long Island cousin to the aforementioned froggy cheese; buttery, runny, and just a wee bit barnyardy. Atlantic Mist was built for cold weather and a group of good friends around the table.

Ascutney Mountain, Cobb Hill Farm
Raw cows’ milk. Hartland, VT

When I go home to visit my family for the holidays, Ascutney Mountain is my passport through the front door. Seriously. Once I forgot and was nearly turned around to get back on the plane to New York for having made such a careless transgression! Ascutney is aged, caramelly sweet, and ever so slightly earthy. It’s rich and smooth, and will leave a little zing on your palate long after you’ve tackled the last bite.

Goat Tomme, Twig Farm
Raw goats’ milk. Cornwall, VT

Ok, so we’ve been a bit biased towards cows till now. Maybe it’s the love of butterfat when the mercury drops below a certain number? Goat Tomme has a richness all its own, though, and tastes like a burst of fresh grass in the middle of winter. Aged for three months and allowed to develop a divine and somewhat gnarly rind. Goat Tomme tastes of sweet musky goats’ milk, cloves, spice, and good old Vermont conifers. Don’t believe me? Come in and have a bite for yourself!

Saxelby Cheesemongers will be closed for the holidays Monday December 24th, Tuesday December 25th, and Wednesday December 26th.

We will re-open on Thursday December 27th at 9:00 am sharp!

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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