Saxelby Cheesemongers New Year’s Resolutions

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Can it be?! Is it that time of year already?!? Crazy but true, New Year’s Eve is upon us. And we all know what that means… plenty of champagne, plenty of reminiscing about the year gone by, and plenty of resolving what the new year will bring. At Saxelby Cheesemongers, we’ve made a few resolutions of our own. Here they are all laid out on the table, so to speak. Here goes… Hope you’re all hungry!

Resolution #1:
Eat more cheese.

Just kidding. We do that anyways… But, seeing as 2008 is a leap year, we’ll all need to do our part to get enough energy for that extra day in February. Why not get an early start?!

Resolution #2:
Visit more farms.

Not only is visiting farms the most fun part of our job, but one of the most important aspects too. If we don’t visit our cheese makers to get a good picture of how they are farming, we may as well be writing sci-fi novels about our cheeses! Entertaining and imaginative to be sure, but not the most fact-based tomes around. And in 2008, we plan to have many more accomplices with us as we go seek out some of our favorite cheese makers. Thanks to you all, our Day A-Whey trips were a HUGE success last year! We can’t wait to start up the old engines on the tour bus again and get out to see some cheese making in action. Look for more info in the coming months… we plan to resume our weekend cheese-ing sometime in April.

Resolution #3:
Get more involved with our neighborhood and community.

The Lower East Side is just busting with amazing places, run by amazing people, who have been at it since WAY before Saxelby Cheesemongers was even a little glimmer in some cheese head’s eye. One place in particular, the M’Finda Kalunga community garden on Rivington Street, is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, and has been extremely supportive of Saxelby Cheesemongers from the very start. Saxelby Cheesemongers will look to join forces with the garden to host some fun cheese/food/gardening events as the winter melts away and spring starts to show its face.

Resolution #4:
Find ways to tie more of our favorite things to cheese.

How does that Sound of Music song go? ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…’ At Saxelby Cheesemongers our first love is obvious. Cheese. However, there are a great many things out there that we also love. Among them are the following: pirates, tugboats, accordion music, strong coffee, good books, Red Hook, riding bikes, and on and on…

We’re out to find ways to bring all these things together under that big old umbrella called ‘cheese love.’ So watch out for new events that aren’t your average wine and cheese tastings. We’ll embark on some interesting little adventures, no doubt.

Happy New Year From Saxelby Cheesemongers! Peace, Love, and Cheese!

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