Nostro Salvatore!

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

So, it’s Tuesday again. Yikes! How’d that happen? It’s funny how those Mondays go careening on by until suddenly they’re just gone. Eh hem. Well, I hope the cheese loving population out there will excuse my tardiness and love the cheesy news to come all the same…

This week’s tale of cheese and romance and swashbuckling adventure started in a little kitchen in Brooklyn, and ended up all over the map, including in our very own cheese cave! Salvatore Ricotta began as a labor of love after Besty Devine and Rachel Marks encountered the ricotta of one Mr. Salvatore whilst traveling in Tuscany. They took time out of their vacation to learn from the master and brought their new craft home to their Brooklyn apartment kitchen. After many trials (and even a few errors) they managed to tame their wild American curds into a light, creamy, and fluffy mass of delectable cheese that Mr. Salvatore would be proud to behold.

Salvatore takes ricotta appreciation to a whole different level, as I’ve come to find while consuming many a furtive spoonful behind the counter. It is dense, rich, and yet somehow cloudlike in the end, with a lingering lemony zest that somehow steals the spotlight from all the other ricotta in the room. Assuming you suddenly found yourself in a room full of ricotta. (and wouldn’t that be great?!) To make their Salvatore, Betsy and Rachel use Hudson Valley Fresh milk. Hudson Valley Fresh comes from a small network of farms upriver from us city folk that decided to buck the conventional agribusiness system, and band together to make and distribute their own milk. The quality and sweet, fresh taste shines through this ricotta and is the bedrock, so to speak, of this incredible spreadable cheese.

Salvatore Ricotta will be available at Saxelby Cheesemongers starting this Friday! So come on in and get yourself a lovin’ spoonful. You know what they say… the first one’s free… and then you’re in trouble. I think I may smell some good brunch fare coming on with this one.

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