The Goat Milk Challenge

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

I’ve got goat milk on my mind…

No, this is not a Ray Charles song, though it would be amazing to see that come to pass! It seems to be a theme these last few weeks, but goat milk is on my mind. Try as I may to focus my attentions elsewhere, I just can’t seem to shake that lovely stuff from my consciousness.

‘Tis the season to drink goat milk, as the animals move outdoors from their winter digs and begin to graze on freshly sprouted pasture. Saxelby Cheesemongers is lucky to have some super fresh, super sweet, organic goat milk from the Kortright Creek Creamery up in Delaware County that will make even the most staunchly anti-goat folks think twice about taking a sip or two.

Goat milk tends to get the reputation of being somewhat stinky, musky, and strange… a food embraced by back-to-the-land hippie farmers. However, good, fresh goat milk is sweet and mild and absolutely delicious. The main factor that influences the flavor of goat milk is the animals’ feed. The goats at Kortright Creek Creamery graze on verdant pasture and are fed just a small amount of certified organic hay and grain in the winter months, ensuring that their milk will be chock full of vitamins, good fatty acids, and more nuanced flavors.

Also, good dairying practices by the farmers such as keeping the milking parlor in tip top shape, and making sure that the milk is bottled as soon after it leaves the goat as possible, ensure the goodness and sweet flavor of their milk. In the case of more industrial goat milk that lines supermarket shelves, chances are that the milk has been sitting in a refrigerated tank somewhere for just a little bit too long before making it into the milk bottle, compromising the flavor and quality of the final product.

With this in mind, the goats up at Kortright Creek and I implore you to give goat milk another try! You’ll be singing its praises to the tune of a Ray Charles song before you know what hit you.

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