Earth Day

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

Happy Earth Day Cheese Lovers!

Just in time for the big day, it seems that the city has turned all a-bloom and beautiful. The farmers’ market is chock full of gorgeous greens and fresh asparagus, the trees are bursting out with tender buds, and the daffodils have taken over the flowerbeds. With all this growth underfoot, we’ve been bitten by the greenthumb bug… and want to share it with you!

Usually for me, Earth Day comes and goes without much fanfare, but this weekend I was treated to a tree planting party upstate that got me thinking, hey, this is way too easy and fun not to do more often! Well, planting things, that is. Acknowledging that trying to plant trees in the city might be a little tough, we’ve downsized our planting goals and asprirations to fit your New York City kitchen or windowsill.

As we look ahead to warmer weather and long summer dinner parties, we thought why not grow some accoutrements for your cheese?? Stop by the shop tomorrow and get a packet of basil seeds, compliments of your (cheese shop) truly. Because honestly, what is finer than slicing up a fresh, milky ball of mozzarella, a gushy ripe tomato, and trouncing some freshly cut basil on top? Proper tomatoes are still a way off, but we figure your basil will reach its leafiest, tastiest point just in time to make a stellar mid-summer caprese salad.

And don’t forget! Our Day A-Whey to Mecox Bay Dairy and Wolffer Vineyard is right around the corner… there are just a few spots left, so if you’ve got a hankering for some cheese, wine, and good fresh air, jump on the bus!

Visit for more details and a link to purchase tickets.

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