You Know it’s Summer When…

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers

It seems as though we have finally arrived at the advent of summer! The weather is warming up, the days are becoming gloriously long, and whether we like it or not, our inner cheese barometers are shifting as well.

My theory lacks real scientific proof (any scientists reading out there? You could help!) but in the summertime people just like to eat fresh cheeses. Feta, chevre, mozzarella, you name it. Being an American farmstead cheese shop, we thought we were out of the running when it came to burrata, that magnificently creamy Italian cheese that people run across town and wait in long lines for… However, thanks to our Philadelphian friends Emilio and Claudio, we’ve got the burrata pipeline up and running (it’s quicker than the Amtrak I might add!) and it is here for you all to enjoy.

Burrata was developed in Italy in the 1920’s as a way to make use of all the ‘ritagli’ or little scraps left over from mozzarella making. In making mozzarella, the curd is plunged into hot water and then stretched and kneaded, much like dough is when making bread. Some ingenious family divined a way to strech their curd into a pouch-like shape, and then filled this little divit with all the ritagli, topped it off with a bit of panna (Italian for heavy cream) and then tied it off with a little knot at the top. Burrata is traditionally wrapped in leek leaves, the green color of the leaves being meant as a guarantee of freshness and quality. Mother nature generally doesn’t lie, and if the leaves begin to look yellowed, it is a pretty good indicator that the cheese has passed its prime.

The Italian cheese tradition in Philly is a strong one to say the least, and Emilio and Claudio have been perfecting their burrata recipe over the last few years. That they are willing to share with us just tickles us pink, and we can’t wait to pass that buttery goodness along. So grab yourself a tomato and a cheese-loving friend and split up a burrata for dinner!

And don’t forget, our next Day A-Whey trip to Consider Bardwell Farm is coming up, Friday June 20th to Sunday June 22nd. It is almost full, but there are a few spots left for those of you folks who want to get your hands in the cheese vat and make some cheese! Read the blog for more details, or call the shop at 212-228-8204 to reserve a spot.

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