Gone Farming

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers
Gone Farming!

Good Monday to you cheese people. I’ll make this brief, cause I’m not too sure how long my internet connection will last, and the truth of the matter is, I’d rather be in the cheese room making cheese!

Yep, I’m over at Meadow Creek Dairy today, and I’m about to get my hands into a batch of Grayson. (If I can pull myself away from the breakfast spread that is… homemade bread, maple butter, scones, AND savory ricotta rolls. Roll me out of the cheese room and into the cheese room!) The milk is cultured and ready to go, and Helen Feete, cheese maker extraordinaire, is about to skim some of the cream off the milk to make for a not quite to so fatty fat cheese.

My travels this week will take me from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, up to the Finger Lakes, across the Adirondacks, and back down to NYC through the great green state of Vermont.

And even though I’m playing hooky from the cheese shop, we’re still open and slinging cheese if all y’all get a craving.

Lots of pictures and tales of cheese and adventure to follow!

Till then, eat good cheese and be merry.

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