It’s Time to Harvest Cheese!

It’s harvest time out there. And whether you’re a cheese maker or growing gobs of veggies, there’s lots of cooking to do. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been inundated with peaches, berries, melons, tomatoes, corn, beans, and a whole slew of other good things too! This week, Saxelby Cheesemongers is here to give you a few tasty, dairy-centric recipes to help put all this harvest time bounty to good use.

Squash Blossoms:

What could be better than squash blossoms stuffed with some magnificent fresh goat cheese or hand made ricotta and then fried to golden toasty perfection?! We think a little Beltane fresh chevre or our good old Salvatore ricotta would do just the trick. Another way we’ve had them is fried (I’m beginning to see a theme here) but not stuffed with fromage. After you’ve fried the blossoms, arrange them on a plate with a deliberate dusting of sea salt and a few meager but potent shavings of an aged cheese like Vermont Shepherd or Ouray. Squash blossoms aren’t around all that long… we see no need to justify that extra fried goodness!

Sweet Corn:

There is only one word. Succotash. Perhaps one of the most delicious meals on earth, succotash seems to be the perfect bridge from summer to fall. The corn is light and sweet, the beans are rich and hearty, and there’s cream spilled all about the midst of it, locking it all together with a butterfatty seal of approval. I first encountered succotash just a few years ago, but have been an ardent supporter of (and eater of) the stuff ever since. Pick up a pint o’cream and go nuts… it’s the kind of thing that you can make a whole bunch of and eat all week long.


The salad options are endless! Carve ’em up with some fresh mozzarella, some decadent creamy burrata, or combine them with all those cucumbers lolling about, add some garlic and a little crumble of feta and voila! Greek salad galore. (another one that gets better the longer it sits) Or, if you’re into making your own tomato sauce, heat a little bit of that up, wilt some spinach or chard and plop some ricotta down on top for the best ten-minute-prep dinner you’ve ever had.

All that fruit, berries and peaches and the like:

Compote, cobbler, and pie, oh my! There are a boatload of fantastic desserts to be gleaned from all these late summer fruits. Just remember that the second most important part of any proper dessert is the cream. Be it whipped or frozen and turned to ice cream, for the love of cheeses don’t omit this ingredient! A little bird told us the Evans Creamery makes some of the best in the land… We see no reason to disagree!


If you want to see the harvest in full swing, join us for our next Day A-Whey to Long Island’s North Fork, where a mini food revolution seems to be underway. We’ll be stopping off at Catapano Goat Dairy, Corey Creek Vineyard, and Sang Lee’s renowned farm stand. Sundays don’t get much tastier than this…

A Day A-Whey to Catapano Goat Dairy
Sunday, September 21st
8:30 am to 7:30 pm

For more tickets ($115) and more information, visit

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