Tasty Cheese Ahoy!

It’s been a while since we’ve given you a rundown of all the tasty new cheese in our purview… Seems like the cheese makers have been going like gangbusters these past few months, cranking out some delightful things that rarely see the light of day at Saxelby’s. Stop on by for a nibble or two, and see what’s good in our cheesy world!

Seal Cove Pyramids
(pasteurized goats’ milk. Seal Cove Farm, ME)

An ashed pyramid of goats’ milk cheese to rival any of its distant French relatives. These pyramids are chalk full of barnyardy goatiness (a very technical cheese term, eh-hem!), as the goats’ milk makes a shift and becomes heartier and more dense at this time of year. Nevertheless, a light and mouth-watering tang picks up the back end of the cheese, giving it a bright little lilt. The rind that blooms on the surface of this coal-black cheese is delicate and fine, adding a decidedly earthy and mushroomy flavor.

Mixed Emotions
(raw goat and cows’ milk. Lazy Lady Farm, VT)

Is the moniker of this cheese a reference to crossing the goat/cow boundary in cheese making? Like their human counterparts, those barnyard beasts up in Vermont are just more progressive by nature. This tasty, golden pancake of cheese is made up at Lazy Lady Farm, but finished and aged in the cellars at Jasper Hill, just down the road. The result is a unique and savory cheese that tastes a bit of caramel and peanut butter, but with an undertone of goat musk. Laini buys in cows’ milk from some local organic farmers, rounding out the cheese with a deep buttery baseline.

(raw cows’ milk. Dancing Cow Farm, VT)

A beautiful aged cows’ milk cheese from one of the most beautiful farms in the Champlain Valley. Menuet, like the rest of the cadre of cheeses made by Steve and Karen Getz, is named after a dance, and certainly makes us want to step to it! The cheese is pale golden yellow, with a firm, crumbly paste that is somehow sweet and tart all in one go. The wheels at Saxelby’s are spring cheeses, made from the milk of the Getz’s herd right after they went out onto pasture. See what sunshine locked into cheese tastes like!

PS… For anyone who hasn’t picked up a copy of yesterday’s New York Times, run, don’t walk to the newsstand! Michael Pollan has once again hit the nail right on the head with a thoughtful and inspiring letter to our future president called ‘Farmer in Chief.’ It’s in the magazine, or just a click away, if you click the link below…

‘Farmer in Chief’ by Michael Pollan

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