It’s Back in White

Ok, AC/DC would probably never write a song about dairy. But if they did… Dave and Sue Evans’ creme fraiche might be just the thing to inspire them. This week, by some glorious turn of the cosmos, the Evans Farm creme fraiche is in the house. And you, good cheese people, should hurry on over to claim a dollop or two for yourselves!

Like a rare Amazonian monkey that eludes all efforts made to study it, this creme fraiche is better known for its disappearing acts than for its presence on the shelves at Saxelby Cheesemongers. To say that the Evans have a lot going on up at the farm would be a bit of an understatement. In addition to husbanding and milking over 90 Jesrsey cows, they make a dizzying array of fresh dairy products including butter, yogurt, milk, cream, buttermilk, and cheese. Sometimes in the grand weekly orchestration that happens up at the farm, the creme fraiche just goes by the wayside.

So we’ve learned to cross our fingers, wait patiently, and pounce when the opportunity is ripe! Evans Farm creme fraiche is truly special, and can be used for just about anything you’ve got going on in your kitchen. It is thick beyond belief, so fatty that the top inch or so of every container we open is pretty much pure butter. The bright, golden yellow hue is a nod back to the grass and to the fat, happy cows that produced it.

So that brings us to the million dollar question… what should you use your creme fraiche for this week? A better question might be, what can’t be improved by a little dash of the decadent stuff? Creme fraiche makes for a delightful spread; mix it up with herbs and serve it alonside some delicious smoked fish (when was the last time you went to Russ and Daughters??) or atop your breakfast toasties. Plop some atop your favorite creamy soup, or add it to any savory sauce, from tomato-based pasta sauces to rich and rustic pan sauces. Or, if you want to go the dessert route (which according to my mom is always a good route to follow) heap a little bit on your pie, apple crisp, or with some good fresh berries for a simple, but sublime satisfaction of your sweet tooth.

And keep your noses to the wind… we’ll be sending out a little whiff about our holiday mail order selection in the weeks to come! Yes, that’s right. It’s our cheese in a box.

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