To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig…

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers
This week’s email is dedicated to the pig. Seems a bit strange I know, but if you let your eyes sally forth, it should all come into focus. We aim to disseminate some factoids related to pigs and the dairy biz, as well as alert you all to a fantastic pork-eating opportunity coming your way in the next few weeks.

First things first. Why don’t people make pig cheese? ‘Tis a common enough question, heard ’round the cheese shop and out at tastings on a pretty regular basis. I mean, they are domesticated barnyard animals after all, and we all know that they provide some pretty delectable fodder for the dinner table. But cheese, alas, is not a pig product to be added to the wondrous canon of pork.

The main reason that farmers of yore didn’t make pig cheese stems from the simple fact that pigs, like us, are omnivores. Sure they eat slop and garbage of the vegetable variety, but given the chance, they’ll tear into a chunk of meat faster that you can say “That’s All Folks!” alla Porky. All of our other beloved milkers are herbivores, ruminants to be exact, meaning that they feed off of grass and transmit all that photosynthesized sunshine-y goodness right into their milk, creating an indelible flavor of fresh green pasture. It could be be argued (and I’ve never tried it so I don’t know, but I have my suspicions) that cheese made from the milk of slop eaters wouldn’t be so tasty.

Take that fact, couple it with the multitudinous tiny teats found on the underbelly of a pig (whose fingers are small enough to deal with that?!) and a somewhat nasty and unpredictable disposition, and you’ve got more than enough reasons to steer clear of pig milk.

So, while our little porcine friends may not be so good in the dairy department, they more than make up for it with all the delicious meat they provide us with. And what better way to savor a pig than to roast it whole? This is where the eating opportunities come into play…

On Sunday January 25th, the New York City incarnation of Cochon555 will be making it’s debut at the Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel. Cochon555 features five of New York’s top chefs, each of whom will roast a whole pig, and leave it to a panel of expert eaters to decide who the winner is. The chefs include Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Corwin Kave of Fatty Crab, Bobby Hellen of Resto, Juan Jose Cuevas of EightyOne, and Michael Clampffer of Mosefund Farms. The rest of us non-experts are invited to nosh alongside the best of ’em, weighing in with our tummies as to who roasts the meanest pig!

Saxelby Cheesemongers will be manning the cheese front, with a selection o’ fromage to complement all that bacon fat! Proceeds from Cochon555 go to benefit Spring Brook Farm, a farm and education center for kids in Reading, VT.

For tickets and further information, visit

Three cheers for pigs! You may not be cheese makers, but we love you just the same.

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