The Old Brabander and Other New Cheese

The Old Brabander and Other New Cheese

It’s about time we rolled out the red carpet for a few new cheeses at Saxelby Cheesemongers. It’s been a while since we chronicled any of our new arrivals, and they seem to have sprouted up like mushrooms. We’re working with some new farms and other of our tireless cheese makers just keep coming up with new innovations which we most delightedly munch on. So take a gander at what’s new and stop by for a bite or two!

(Raw cows’ milk. Fallsdale Farm, PA)
This one might be a little rough for first thing Monday morning… A piquant, sharp, brass tacks cows’ milk cheese with a musty cave-aged rind from the Pocono region of Pennsylvania. Brabander is made from a mix of Jersey and Guernsey milk that Dick and Carol Barrett source from select local dairy farms and aged anywhere between 4 and 12 months, garnering more gumption and bite as it goes. Each petite wheel literally embodies the word sharp, leaving a bright zesty zing on your palate long after the cheese is gone. Cheese thrill seekers, meet your match!

Smokey Ricotta
(Pasteurized cows’ milk. Salvatore Brooklyn, NY)
Smokey goes down the mountain and into the fridge at Saxelby Cheesemongers. And if you play your cards right, we might just let you have a little bit of it. Salvatore Brooklyn Ricotta already crafts the richest, most delectable thing going in the land of fresh curds and whey, but cheese maker Betsy Devine felt that she had to up the ante and go for smoked. The result: a fabulous, rich and heady cheese, with a sultry scent of cherry wood smoke and an incredible loop de loop of flavor. Try it with a dollop of honey and fresh ground black pepper for a crostini to drool for.

Fuzzy Wheel
(Raw goat and cows’ milk. Twig Farm, VT)
Hooray! The first batch of fuzzy wheels have rolled into town with a load of late winter cheese from the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. These fuzzies are still young, but are ripening and musk-ifying with each passing day. By week’s end, they’ll be absolutely prime, the perfect balance of buttery silken cows’ milk and low down, goat goodness. The Fuzzy Wheel gets its name from the signature mold that grows on the outside of the cheese as it ages… something the French affectionately refer to as poile du chat, or in American, cat hair. Yum. Don’t let the name fool you though. The beloved poile du chat is responsible for ripening some of France’s most noble cheeses, including St. Nectaire, lending robust and earthen aromas and flavors.

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