‘Till the Cows Come Home

O’ Flies! True harbingers of spring!! Well, at least according to Vermonters…

Here in the city, we seem to be having an April showers moment, but up in Vermont, the most reliable barometric indicator of spring seems to be the flies. Just talk to any farmer, from the Champlain Valley to the Northeast Kingdom, they’ll tell you; you can tell spring is in the air when the flies are out and about! Benoit and I spent much of last week cruising around the Green Mountain State visiting cheese makers and dodging said winged perpetrators, checking out the springtime goings-on at some of our favorite farms.

We bottle fed baby goats, ate some cheese, watched a kid or two be born, saw sugar houses a’boiling, bought some maple syrup, ate more cheese, went for long walks through farm country, toured the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm, ate way too much cheese, and raided cellars as often as we were permitted to stock up the cave with… you guessed it! More cheese.

This Thursday, come in to Saxelby Cheesemongers and taste some of the dairy loot that we scored while traipsing around one of our favorite cheesy states. We’ve got a cache of winter cows’ milk cheeses from Twig Farm that’ll knock your socks off, from yeasty, bread-loaf-looking squidgy things to rich, tangy, butter-ific cheesecake tommes with earthy natural-rinds. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the very last Square cheeses of the season, a musky and goaty signature wheel from the does at Twig, as well as a couple of sharp mixed milk wheels. The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm were rife with wondrous cheeses from their own herd of Ayrshire cows as well as cheeses from the likes of Ploughgate Creamery, whose Willoughby cheese is washed with a locally produced mead. The Von Trapp family (yes, those Von Trapps) is in the experimental phase of production of a lovely washed rind cows’ milk cheese, whose pliant peanut-buttery paste begs to be slathered on freshly toasted bread.

fliesBe sure to check out our photo site later in the week for some shots from our travels. We’re a little bit slow on the upload, as they say, but better late than never! Until next Monday, happy cheesing!

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