Third Year’s a Charm!

Could it be? Saxelby Cheesemongers is turning three?! (well, tomorrow, but I had to give you all fair warning…)

Every year when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, we have all the more incentive to pour a tall salty margarita and celebrate. I can clearly remember the first day I opened the shop, absolutely hell bent on opening May 5th even though a million last minute details were dangling like so many threads from an old pair of jeans. Maybe I figured it would be an easy day to remember? ‘Twould be a shame to let an anniversary roll by unnoticed… Or maybe I just have a secret love for margaritas and cheese. Now there’s a pairing you (thankfully) don’t see every day!

Anyhow, that first day I rolled up the gates, I was gripped by a feeling distinctly similar to when I used to have garage sales at my parents’ house in the suburbs of Chicago. I took a deep breath and sat there and thought, ‘Well, this is it! I hope some people show up…’ And show up you all have! Only instead of buying my family’s weird old stuff, you’ve gotten loads of tasty cheese instead! To you all, to the Essex Market, and to the farmers who make such wonderful cheese, I’d like to extend a hearty thank you for making the past three years so absolutely wonderful.

Come on by the shop and celebrate with us tomorrow! We’ll be tossing back cupcakes and cheese curds like nobody’s business (The margaritas’ll have to wait till closing time) Also, for tomorrow only, Saxelby Cheesemongers is proffering up a little deal to say thanks for all your love and support… Our third anniversary cheese plate. Buy three cheeses, and the third one is 30% off! That’s practically a free piece of cheese. What’s not to love about that? Maybe we’ll start a new Cinco de Mayo tradition after all…

Don’t forget! Our Day A-Whey trip to Mecox Bay Dairy and Wolffer Estate Vineyard is right around the corner… Visit and get your tickets today!

A Day A-Whey to Mecox Bay Dairy and Wolffer Estate Vineyard
Sunday, May 17th
8:30 am to 7:30 pm
Trip begins and ends at Saxelby Cheesemongers
For tickets ($110) and more info visit

Here’s to many more years of cheesy goodness to come!

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