Who’s Your Daddy? Radio, Father’s Day, and a Whole Slew of Other Stuff…

This week’s email is dedicated to dads. Father’s Day is coming right on down the pipeline, and Saxelby Cheesemongers is poised to celebrate in a myriad of ways. From mail order cheese to our new radio show, we’re going to be kicking out the cheesy jams to all the padres this June 21st. If you’re stumped over what to get for dad on his special day, (and I know I ALWAYS am…) why not go for a box o’ delicious cheese? Add some beer and a barbeque to the equation, and you’ve got yourself a little slice of dad heaven. Check out saxelbycheese.com to check out our gift selections. Just think, YOU could be the food hero of this father’s day.

In other news, yesterday was a banner day for Saxelby Cheesemongers. My love of radio and all technologies antiquated landed me a spot on the burgeoning Heritage Radio Network, which broadcasts out of a delightfully quirky, DIY pizzeria in Bushwick. Half radio station and half platform for a killer garden, Heritage Radio exists within the walls of two green shipping containers, atop which sit raised beds full of sugar snap peas, tomatoes and other tasty greens.

The Heritage Radio Network was started by one Patrick Martins, one of the founders of Heritage Foods USA. Through the business, Patrick and his cohorts aim to save heritage breeds of livestock, mostly turkeys and pigs, by hooking up farmers in the midwest with savvy chefs and restaurateurs who have an eye for quality meats. Just last year, the spirit moved him to take his ‘slow’ business show on the road. Patrick convinced the owners of Roberta’s that they needed to have a radio station in the back yard (really, what respectable pizzeria doesn’t?) and in the spirit of wily culinary cowboys, they agreed. Two shipping containers and many a good conversation later, Heritage Radio is thriving. Programming is great and growing all the time, and features chefs, artists, master composters, authors, and now dairy gurus too!

‘Cutting the Curd’ is my radio homage to all things dairy, and airs live every other Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm. The inaugural broadcast was devoted to National Dairy Month, and I got the chance to interview some folks from Wisconsin who play a big role in all the festivities. I talked with Jeanne Carpenter, author of a fantastic blog about Wisconsin cheese (cheeseunderground.blogspot.com), and Bill Schlinsog, a retired cheese and butter grader for the Wisconsin State Department of Ag. You can check out the show any old time online by visiting heritageradionetwork.com

On Sunday June 21st, Cutting the Curd will delve into the crazy and complex world of breeding and genetics with a special Father’s Day episode entitled ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ We’ll get some folks on the horn to talk about different breeds of dairy animals and what a difference the right genes make. It may not be a subject we New Yorkers can put into practice in our day to day lives, but when else do you get to hear about someone who flies frozen goat sperm across the country for a living?

So pony up this Father’s Day with some cheesy treats and afternoon audio entertainment! See you over the interweb-waves!

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