Mini Burrata!

This week’s email is small and milky sweet. Whoever said that the best things come in small packages knew a thing or two about jewelry and as it turns out, cheese too. Not to say that we don’t love us a big old honking chunk of fromage every now and again, but there are times to acquiesce and appreciate the little things in life.

What the heck am I getting at? Mini burrata! Saxelby Cheesemongers is pleased to announce the arrival of these diminutive pillows of curd and ricotta laden goodness. Just like their big brothers, these burrata are crafted by hand in Philly. The mozzarella curd is stretched and formed into a little pocket before being filled with curd and panna.

Clocking in at a fighting weight of just about four ounces, mini burratas are tiny but terrifically delicious. So, if you’ve ever stared a big burrata down and wondered just how in god’s name you were going to eat the whole thing, here’s your answer. And at just $3.50 a pop, you might want to snag a few…

Till next week! Small is beautiful.

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