The Appalachian Club

This week, Saxelby Cheesemongers is giving a bovine salute to one of our newfound favorites, a little cheese from the Blue Ridge Mountains called Appalachian.

For as long as Saxelby Cheesemongers has been around, we’ve loved on Grayson, that pungent, custardy, butter-yellow cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy in Virginia. But all the while, like the stereotypical shy (but kinda hot) girl at the high school dance, waiting there patiently in the wings was Appalachian. An unsuspecting cheese whose subtle graces and lovely sweet flavor finally caught our eye. In the interest of spreading that cheese love around a little bit, Saxelby Cheesemongers is offering Appalachian at a special price of $13.99 per pound for this week only!

Were the cheese shop a John Hughes film (and wouldn’t that be great!), this week would be the montage scene, the Appalachian getting a makeover, going out shopping with someone cool and returning triumphantly to all of the ‘popular’ cheeses and wowing them with its fabulousness. Appalachian, a stout and earthy quadrangular tomme, boasts a beautiful white and purplish rind and a mellow, creamy golden paste. Grab a chunk to round out your cheese plate, to give to the kids as a hearty snack, or melt for that perfect mid-day grilled cheese sandwich. Made from the rich milk of the Feete family’s herd of stalwart Jersey cows, this cheese is poised to win over any cheese lover’s heart. All it takes is a little open-mindedness. You all know the drill… just take off the glasses, get that cheese a perm, put some legwarmers on it, and voila! That mild mannered little cheese is just busting with charm! And so the montage rolls to a close… A hearty chunk of Appalachian in the passenger seat of the convertible, Raybans on, driving off into the sunset, or into your cripser drawer. We’ve thankfully left the legwarmers out of the cheese case, but still think you should come on down to the shop and pick up a chunk of Appalachian to savor!

In other news, don’t forget to check out Saxelby Cheesemongers on The Martha Stewart Show! Anne does a little ditty about the Essex Street Market and why she loves American farmstead cheese.

Till next week… Eat cheese and be merry!

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