New Amsterdam Market… Countdown to T-Day!

Need a delicious selection of cheese for the holiday? Saxelby Cheesemongers has you covered! Pick up Saxelby’s Turkey Day Triumvirate, a delectable selection of cheese for your Thanskgiving Feast for just $35 at the New Amsterdam Market.

This Sunday, November 22nd!
Saxelby Cheesemongers at the New Amsterdam Market
South Street, between Beekman and Peck Slip
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Come one come all to what is sure to be one of the most festive and most mouthwatering markets of the year! Saxelby Cheesemongers will be making another appearance at the New Amsterdam Market with some tantalizing cheeses to tote along to your Thanksgiving feast. Stop by and sample them all, or pick up one of our festive Turkey Day Triumvirate selections. For $35, you get three luscious wedges of American farmstead cheese, wrapped up and nestled in a wooden box… a readymade cheese plate for your T-day celebration!

Each Turkey Day Triumvirate features a hefty wedge o’ Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a caramel-sweet, nutty and vivacious cows’ milk cheese from the grassy hills of Wisconsin, a racy and barnyardy slice of Mont. St. Francis, a fruity, washed-rind goat cheese from Capriole in Indiana, and a rich, salty, chocolate-fudgy chunk of Bayley Hazen Blue from Jasper Hill Farm. Our threesome is bound to please all the cheese lovers at your gathering, be they lovers of the strong and stinky or the mild mannered and demure.

We’ll have a few other incredible cheeses at the market, so stop by for a taste of the best cheese this side of the Mississippi. Oh, and a little side note… not that we’re scientists or anything like that, BUT, we’ve heard that a little cheese, when eaten along with a bit of that magical tryptophan-filled turkey amounts to what could be the best nap of your life. Three cheers for Thanksgiving! Day of feasting and lazing about!

Which brings be to the last item of business on the old cheese docket today… You didn’t think I’d forgotten the cheese of the week, did you? Good gracious no! This week at Saxelby Cheesemongers, we’ll be putting some Oma up for grabs, an incredibly buttery, slightly pungent raw cows’ milk cheese from the Von Trapp Farmstead in Waitsfield, Vermont. That’s right, those singing Von Trapps are now cheesemaking Von Trapps, and they’ve done their grandmother Oma proud with this cheesy homage. Stop by the shop and pick up some Oma for just $15 per pound. You might just leave the shop yodeling with glee.

Till next week! Eat cheese and be merry!

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