British Brews, American Cheese, and Lady Mongers

Ah, the first tell tale days of spring in New York have arrived. Days when people throw open their windows, get the ghetto blasters cranked up good, and pour out into the streets to shed some layers and soak up some vitamin D. It’s been a fun couple of days, and it shows no signs of stopping as we get into warmer weather, more tastings, and more trouble on the Heritage Radio Network. Yesterday on Cutting the Curd, I was joined by not one, not two, but four awesome lady cheesemongers from three cities on both coasts! We got into why we all fell into such a weird and cheesy profession, and shared some of our favorite (and most bizarre) stories from behind the cheese counter. Formaggio Essex was in the house with Ayse Gurdal and Brooke Little, Formaggio Kitchen from Boston was represented by Erin Tevlin, and Katrina Vahedi of Berkeley’s Pasta Shop threw in her two cents about cheese on the West Coast. It seems like this show will be the first of many because let’s face it, 30 minutes is just not enough time to get all those whoppers and tall tales on the air! Aspiring mongers, cheese heads, and just about everyone else will have a bit o’ fun listening to this show… Check out the the archives at

On the tasting front, Saxelby Cheesemongers and Jimmy’s no 43 have a deal for you that can’t be beat. Next Tuesday night at Jimmy’s no 43, we’ll be offering a tasting of 3 beers and 3 farmstead cheeses for $10! We’ll pair the best the Brits can brew with some fine American farmstead cheeses made in the style of those from the British Isles. Bring a bunch of friends, commandeer a table, and get a round of cheese and some tasty beer. Tag it on as a course after dinner, or just come for the cheese!

Saxelby Cheesemongers and Jimmy’s no 43 present:
British Brews and American Cheese
Tuesday, March 16th
7:00 till we’re out of cheese!
Three pairings for $10

Call Jimmy’s to reserve a table at 212-982-3006.

‘Till next week, eat cheese and be merry!

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