There’s a New Cheddar in Town

Cheddar. For hundreds of years, it’s been the world’s number one cheese. What began as a humble, sturdy farmhouse cheese in rural England is now available in most parts of the globe and is revered by countless millions. In the old US of A, cheddar (along with fishing nets and various tools) was one of a short list of staples that settlers brought with them to the new world to ensure their survival over the long, hard New England winters. Cheddar was our nation’s first official cheese, and it’s easy to see why it registers as comfort food in most of our brains.

There’s a new cheddar in town at Saxelby Cheesemongers, and we’d love for you to stop by and try it out! Shelburne Farm, one of our favorite Vermont institutions, makes a 2 year old cheddar from the milk of their Brown Swiss cows on the shores of Lake Champlain that is an absolute delight. Sharp as a tack, with a lively fruity flavor that tickles the tongue, this creamy white cheddar is the perfect thing for your grilled cheese sandwich, afternoon snack, or most decadent mac and cheese recipe. Mention this email at the shop for a 10% discount on your first chunk o’ Shelburne cheddar this week!

Yesterday on Cutting the Curd, I interviewed Diana Pittet, a self-proclaimed cheddar-aholic, about the historic hows and whys of this iconic cheese. Diana has traveled the globe in pursuit of cheddar, from Tasmania to the Isle of Mull, and has culled an impressive block of knowledge that she was willing to share with us. Tune in as we tarry back and forth across the Atlantic, discussing how cheddar has changed over the years, and who is making strides to save, revive, or reinvent the world’s favorite fromage.

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