This Monday’s email is a smorgaasbord of miscellany. A mixed bag, job lot, ragbag melange of all the happenings at and around Saxelby Cheesemongers. Tastings, events, radio shows, and new trinkets will all find their home in this Monday’s email. So pick and choose and see (or hear!) what you like.

First and foremost, we are very proud to introduce our Saxelby Cheesemongers tote bag to the world! Check it out at, or swing by the shop and pick up one of these little beauties. Now you can schlep your cheese in style!

After a little winter hibernation, we have a trio of fabulous events coming up and want you to come out and celebrate cheese, spring-style, with us! We’ll be chewing the fat and talking cheese at Jimmy’s no. 43, Back 40, and Beer Table in the month of April. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information as the weeks go by. Also, our Day A-Whey season is about to begin! More info on that VERY soon…

Tuesday, April 13th
Spring Cheese and Beer Dinner at Back 40

$55 per person, for reservations call Back 40

Chef Shanna Pacifico has created a four-course fermented feast, bringing Saxelby Cheesemongers and Chelsea Brewing Company to the same dinner table. Taste a spring selection of Saxelby cheese in all it’s glory, from fresh faisselle from the Vermont Butter and Cheese Company to pungent melted Oma served up in a Back 40 tartiflette!

Tuesday, April 20th
Beer, Cheese, and MILKimchee at Jimmy’s no. 43
$25 per person, for reservations call Jimmy’s no. 43

Going back in the annals of culinary history, in the West, there wasn’t much in the culinary world to rival the funk of cheese. In the East however, there was a little stinky pot o’ pickle called kimchee. Join Anne Saxelby and Lauryn Chun of MILKimchee for three pungent, spicy, and inspired pairings of cheese, different varieties of kimchee and beer.

Monday, April 26th
Stinky Cheese and Stinky Beer at Beer Table
$35 per person, for reservations purchase tickets online or call Beer Table

Join Justin Philips and Anne Saxelby for five pairings of off the beaten path beers with odoriferous cheeses. We’ll run the gamut from milder mannered to downright bawdy. We’ll spin some yarns about the cheese makers and brewers responsible for these wonderful fermented foods.

So you want to be a cheese maker?! This week on Cutting the Curd, I interviewed Veronica Pedraza, cheese maker at Jasper Hill Farm, to get the skinny on what it takes to go from milk to curds and whey. If a 4:30 am wake up call followed by a day of cutting, stirring, and hooping curd sounds like your cuppa tea, or if you just want to be inspired by how tough cheese makers are, tune in! (and maybe if you’re brave, sign up! Veronica manages the intern program at Jasper Hill Farm. Only the tough need apply…)

‘Till next week, eat cheese and be merry!

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