New Cheese & Old Favorites

July 4th may have come and gone, but that’s no reason to not continue to celebrate fantastic American farmstead cheese! This week, Saxelby Cheesemongers is tickled to introduce you to a delicious newcomer as well as some of our trusty old favorites, back in action after a seasonal hiatus. Stop by the shop this week and mention this email for a 10% discount on any of these tasty morsels. We can’t think of a better way to spend the heat wave… Just find yourself a cool spot, be it in the park, or parked in front of the AC, open up your favorite bottle of vino or beer, and picnic your heart out!

Wabash Cannonball
(Pasteurized goats’ milk. Capriole, IN)
A brand new ball of goaty goodness from Judy Schad and the ladies at Capriole dairy. These diminutive, ashed orbs of fresh and lemony goat cheese are light and tangy as can be, making them ideal summer fare. Named for an old country tune about a ficitional railroad racing along the Wabash river, they might just inspire you to sing a little jingle or two.

(Raw cows’ milk. Meadow Creek Dairy, VA)
Oh pungent, buttery cheese! How good it is to see you again! That’s right folks, this year’s first batch of Grayson has finally arrived in all of its plump, pudding-y splendor. At this stage of the seasonal game, these quadrangular, peach-colored cheeses are mild-mannered and creamy with a twinge of barnyard on the finish. The perfect expression of sweet Virginia pasture!

Sozzled Pearl

(Pasteurized goat and cows’ milk. Seal Cove Farm, ME)
A spirited (literally!) collaboration between Saxelby Cheesemongers and Seal Cove Farm. Sozzled Pearls are gooey, racy, musky little numbers, enveloped in bourbon-soaked grape leaves. The cheese comes to us fresh from Maine, and after a few days in the cave at Saxelby’s, gets wrapped up in a boozy, leafy package. Think French goat cheese funk come stateside.

Shaker Blue
(Raw sheeps’ milk. Old Chatham Sheepherding Co., NY)
Like buttah, only bettah. After a late lambing season this year, the ewes up at Old Chatham are back on the wagon, and making tastier cheese than ever! The first batch of Shaker of the season is robust and fruity, with a dense, sheepy tartness that balances the sweet, butterfatty blue. Look out Roquefort, these upstate sheep are giving you a run for your money!

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