Meet the Cheesemaker TODAY! Plus cheese throwdowns & the ‘State of Cheese’ in New Hampshire

It’s Monday. It’s cold. What’s a cheese lover to do? How about playing hooky this afternoon to come by Saxelby Cheesemongers for a special ‘Meet the Cheesemaker’ tasting with Michael Lee of Twig Farm? If you’ve ever swooned for Twig Wheel, drooled at the sight of Goat Tomme, or written odes to Square Cheese (and I’m hoping that’s not just me…) Here’s your chance to meet the man behind the mold! We won’t tell your boss. And if he does find out somehow, here are some sample excuses:

1. It’s an educational experience… or This was R & D for (insert project name here)
2. My calcium and protein levels were too low for me to work effectively…
3. I was hypnotized by the email…when I came to, I was at the cheese shop…
4. I’m still confused about the time change… I left the office when?

Meet the Cheesemaker at Saxelby Cheesemongers:
Michael Lee of Twig Farm

TODAY! Monday November 8th
2:30 to 4:00 pm

Twig Farm, located in Cornwall Vermont, is one of the finest producers of farmstead cheese in the whole country! Find out what makes their cheeses so fine, and how Michael got into this cheesy game in the first place.


Now, we know you’ve all been to plenty of wine and cheese pairings… But how about a cheese and wine throwdown?? Join us next Monday, November 15th as Saxelby Cheesemongers and September Wines take on Formaggio Essex and Discovery Wines for a gustatory brawl for the ages! Attendees will judge six rounds of hard-hitting deliciousness and cast their ballots to decide who the winner will be! You’ve never seen a tasting like this…

Cheese and Wine Throwdown:
Saxelby Cheesemongers & Septembers Wine vs Formaggio Essex & Discovery Wines
Monday, November 15th 8:00pm
Underground (LES) venue will be disclosed upon ticket purchase
For tickets ($60 per person) email


This week on Cutting the Curd our ‘State of Cheese’ series continues with a conversation with Doug Erb of Landaff Creamery! Listen in to see how Doug and his wife Debby got into the cheese game, and to see what the chances are for the New Hampshire state motto to be changed to ‘Eat Cheese or Die’.
Listen online by clicking the link above, or download the episode as a podcast to take with you wherever! If you have questions or comments on the show, email us at

‘Till next week, stay cheesy!

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