What goes better with Turkey than …?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And while Saxelby Cheesemongers acknowledges that Thanksgiving may be the most awesome holiday ever, we also know that all that cooking can be downright stressful. Between orchestrating the musical chairs of dishes in and out of too-tiny ovens, making sure the turkey gets basted when it should, and mastering the art of channel surfing from the Macy’s parade to football and back again, there’s a lot to keep track of.

That’s why we’ve come up with a foolproof solution for all of your Thanksgiving needs. That’s right, you guessed it, cheese! While chaos and mayhem reign in the kitchen, cheese can be your happy place. It doesn’t talk back, it doesn’t drink too much eggnog and start mouthing off to other family members, it just sits there quietly on the table, getting more ripe and tasty as the day goes on. It’s content to be appetizer, dessert, or midnight snack, and in our humble opinion, goes pretty darn well with turkey.

This Thanksgiving, Saxelby Cheesemongers wants to say thanks to all our our friends and fellow cheeseheads! Just type in the code ‘Thanks’ when placing your order online, and get 15% off any Thanksgiving cheese selection.

*Please note that all Thanksgiving orders will ship on Monday, November 22nd for delivery on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Small Thanksgiving Selection:
$49 plus shipping and handling
features three half-pound wedges of cheese

Our small turkey day selection features three delectable cheeses: Caspian, a creamy cows’ milk cheese made exclusively for Saxelby Cheesemongers by Jasper Hill Farm (each wheel is wrapped in grape leaves soaked with Eden Ice Cider, a local sweet cider made from heriloom varieties of apples) Coomersdale, a bright and nutty sheeps’ milk cheese from Bonnieview Farm, and Twig Wheel, a succulent mixed milk stinker (goat & cows’ milk) washed with hard cider from Twig Farm.

Large Thanksgiving Selection:
$79 plus shipping and handling
features five half-pound wedges of cheese

For seriously hungry cheese hounds, we’ve corralled five of our tastiest turkey day cheeses: You’ll get hearty chunks of Caspian, Coomersdale, and Twig Wheel, plus Spring Brook Tarentaise, a rich, caramelly, & sharp cows’ milk cheese from Spring Brook Farm, & Bayley Hazen Blue, Jasper Hill Farm’s signature thick and fudgy Stilton-esque blue.


Tea and Cheese Tasting with Saxelby Cheesemongers and In Pursuit of Tea
Tuesday, November 16th, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
33 Crosby Street
For reservations ($35) and more information, visit inpursuitoftea.com


And last but not least, check out this week’s episode of Cutting the Curd for the ‘State of Cheese’ in Sweet Home Alabama! Listen in and learn how Alyce Birchenough and Doug Wolbert of Sweet Home Farm made a go of it with 12 Guernsey cows way before farmstead cheese was on anyone’s radar.

‘Till next week, gobble gobble (cheese!)

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