Spontaneous Fermentation! Beer & Cheese at DBGB

Beer Geeks and Curd Nerds* unite! Next Tuesday night at DBGB Kitchen and Bar, Saxelby Cheesemongers will be teaming up with beer sommelier Hayley Jensen to bring you a knockout tasting of beers from Brasserie Cantillon as well as a vertical cheddar tasting featuring Vermont’s finest, Cabot Clothbound. Come on out for a two-fer of the Lower East Side’s tastiest establishments!

DBGB’s Tuesday Tastings
Tuesday, January 11th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm
$25 per person, no reservations required
For more info call 212-933-5300


Spontaneous fermentation indeed! That’s what you get when you throw a beer sommelier and a cheesemonger in a room and get ’em to do a little brainstorming. Hayley Jensen, DBGB’s mastermind of all things malted, will be pouring a selection of beers from Brasserie Cantillon, one of Belgium’s finest producers of lambics. On offer will be two Gueze, a Rose de Gambrinus, a Grand Cru, and a Faro, a sweetened Gueze that is a rarity due to the fact that it cannot be bottled. These tart, refreshing, and oftentimes fruity beers are the perfect foil to a good wedge of fromage!

To complement the Cantillon selection, Saxelby Cheesemongers has assembled a vertical tasting of cheddars. We’ll begin with cheddar curds, primordial form of cheddar and lifeblood to midwestern folk and Quebecois alike… We’ll then proceed to three different vintages of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. Cabot Clothbound is made from the milk of a single herd of cows in Peacham, Vermont, and aged to perfection in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. You’ll taste how flavor develops in this complex cheddar, changing from a tart, bracing, vegetal flavor to something rich, brothy, sweet & savory… think chicken stock meets buttercrunch. In the best possible way.

‘Till next week, three cheers for fermentation!


Cutting the Curd, a dairy-centric radio show on Heritage Radio Network

*I blatantly stole that term from the cheese blog Curd Nerds, whom we love dearly. Check them out at curdnerds.com

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