Butterfat as Remedy, Plus the State of Cheese in Illinois!

With all the snow and cold this winter, we here at Saxelby Cheesemongers have been conducting some serious research projects to determine remedies for the winter blues, cabin fever, and a whole host of other cold-related maladies. It seems, through much taste-testing and trial-and-error, that butterfat is a supremely effective treatment for all things induced by the season. So come on, throw those snow boots on and come down to the Essex Market for a little winter therapy. It’s cheaper than the shrink, and will leave you sated too!

The following three cheeses have fought their way through our battery of butterfatty tests and emerged victorious in the category ‘Cheeses Most Likely to Be Considered Mood Altering’ by our not-so-scientific panel of mongers.

Constant Bliss
Pasteurized cows’ milk. Jasper Hill Farm, VT
That’s right! After a long hiatus, everyone’s favorite marshmallow-shaped cheese is back! Bliss’ arrival on the counter came just in time for the harshest part of winter, and is a remedy endorsed by the denizens of Vermont’s northeast kingdom, where the mercury has dropped to 25 degrees below zero this year. Yikes! If they say it works, it’s gotta be true.

Rush Creek Reserve
Raw cows’ milk. Uplands Cheese, WI
The much-coveted, eat-it-with-a-spoon, bark-girdled round from Uplands is here! Don’t miss your chance to hunker down with a wheel of this sublime cheese whose flavors tapdance between buttery, earthy, vegetal, and good old fashioned barnyard. Our advice: call your two closest friends, buy a baguette, roast some taters, and dinner is served!

Noble Road
Raw cows’ milk. Calkins Creamery, PA
Noble is an understatement. This gooey, pudding-like, decadent wheel of goodness from Calkins Creamery is astronomically delicious! This sculpture in curd is ripe and ready to take center stage on your cheese plate… Just grab your favorite bottle of wine or beer and you’re ready to go. Noble Road’s delicate snow-white rind encases a riot of flavor, ranging from cultured cream to truffles. If this doesn’t cure what ails ya, we don’t know what will!


Don’t miss this week’s episode of Cutting the Curd, where we discuss the ‘State of Cheese’ in Illinois! I was joined by Martin Johnson, Chicago native and founder of NYC’s popular ‘Joy of Cheese‘ tasting series, and Leslie Cooperband of Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign-Urbana. We dug deep, chatting about everything from prairie soil history and science to cheese and beer pairings in Williamsburg and beyond!

‘Till next week, love the butterfat!

Cutting the Curd, a dairy-centric radio show on Heritage Radio Network

One thought on “Butterfat as Remedy, Plus the State of Cheese in Illinois!

  1. Love the podcast! Just discovered it and am working my way through all the episodes now 🙂 I'd like to make a suggestion for an episode topic as well: "How to get into cheesemaking", maybe looking at it from different stages in life, eg getting into cheesemaking if you're coming from different places eg: culinary student / in one area of the culinary industry and want to switch/ in your 20's / in your 30's or older / with no background in food and looking for a late in life career switch, etc. Keep up the awesome work!

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