Saxelby Cheesemongers Turns Five!

I remember May 5th 2006 like it was yesterday. After a night of not much sleep, I woke up, donned my newly made t-shirt that boasted ‘Monger’ across the chest, and rode my bike over to the Essex Market. Now, I don’t know what other business owners feel like when they’re opening up a new place, but I recall feeling a bit the same as I did when I used to clean out my parents’ house each summer to have our annual garage sale. I’d push the electric garage door opener, tidy my ridiculous collection of wares on the tables, and hope to god people would show up.

And show up they did! The only difference was that instead of haggling with senior citizens and townies over the price of a beanie baby, or a strange old salad bowl, I was tasting, talking, cutting and wrapping cheese! It was that day and still is pretty much my favorite thing to do on the planet. That first day of business was exhausting yet exhilarating, filled with friends, family, accordion music by Walter, the owner of Main Squeeze on Essex Street, and curious neighborhoodies, wondering what took the place of the former bombed out dumpling shop on the southern end of the market, and why the air was suddenly perfumed with the pungent aroma of cheese.

The past five years have been absolutely incredible, and we want to celebrate with you, everyone who came to the little garage sale cum cheese shop and filled it up with your energy, let us ogle your new babies, suggested new products or farms for us to buy from, brought our cheese to your special occasions, and generally made the shop come alive. You make coming to work each day an absolute joy, and it is to you we owe thanks!

From today until Sunday stop by the shop and participate in our fifth anniversary raffle! Every purchase counts as a ticket.

We’ll be raffling off a whole host of delightfully cheesy things: A personalized Day A-Whey trip for two, a ‘Best of Saxelby Cheese’ gift box chock full o’ goodies from the shop, two tickets to the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, Saxelby Cheesemongers tote bags, and gift certificates to the store.

And on Thursday May 5th, our anniversary proper, we’ll be feasting on irreverent cake from Rainbo’s and generally making merry. Come on by and help us celebrate five fantastic years!

Three cheers to you, the cheese lovers and cheese makers who make this all possible. Here’s to another five years… and then some! Hip hip, hooray!

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2 thoughts on “Saxelby Cheesemongers Turns Five!

  1. Happy Birthday. I (dora) wouldn't be here without you or your amazing smiles, cheese, candor, tutelage, and company while I built out the remainder of these walls. team Saxelby, quite simply, you rock.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. We (dora) wouldn't be here without you or your amazing smiles, cheese, candor, tutelage, and company while I built out the remainder of these nearby walls. team Saxelby, quite simply, you rock. Inspiration in the world of dairy, cheese, and retail are being invented by you.

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