The Maine Event…

When most people think of delicious food from Maine, they tend to gaze seaward and envision giant be-clawed crustaceans steamed and served with butter, or mixed with mayo and piled high atop a fluffy, sweet hot dog bun. We cheesemongers, being more of the landlubber variety, would like to take this opportunity to point out that there’s also some incredible fare being made just a wee bit inland, namely delicious mixed milk cheeses from Seal Cove Farm. Read all about ’em here, and listen in to Cutting the Curd this afternoon at 4:30 pm when we chat with Seal Cove’s very own Barbara Brooks to talk about the ‘State of Cheese’ in Maine!

pearlPearls, little goat & cows’ milk crottin-shaped cheeses, are Barbara’s pride and joy, and unlike their maritime cohorts, are ripe and ready for the munching just a few weeks after they’re made. These diminutive cheeses are shipped fresh from the farm to our cheese cave in Brooklyn, where we raise ’em up to be the gooey, musky, wrinkle-rinded wheels you see when you come to visit the shop. They’re the perfect thing for a picnic… just add a baguette, a bottle of rosé, and (why the heck not?!) a couple of oysters for good measure.

chevrotinChevrotin are Seal Cove Farm’s semi-firm rounds of goat & cows’ milk curd, aged for over 2 months and lightly washed with brine to give the rind a tawny patina. These totally unique cheeses have a drier, more crumbly texture, and have a goaty-sweet, mineral, and slightly yeasty flavor. Cut off a chunk to snack on as is, or grate atop roasted asparagus or your favorite salad for a nice little kick!

If you find yourself on the Upper West Side, both of theses cheeses are also available at our new cheese counter at Épicerie Boulud, located just across the street from Lincoln Center on 64th and Broadway. Stop on by for a taste of Seal Cove cheese and some of their fabulous house-made charcuterie!


Wanna know more about Seal Cove Farm and the cheese scene in Maine? Tune in TODAY to Cutting the Curd on the Heritage Radio Network! From 4:30 to 5:00 we’ll be broadcasting live from Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn with cheese maker Barbara Brooks of Seal Cove Farm in Maine. Call the studio at 718-497-2128 or email us at with your cheesy queries!

Cutting the Curd, a dairy-centric radio show on Heritage Radio Network
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