As Kenny Loggins would say, the heat is on! For the time being anyways… At Saxelby Cheesemongers we’re trying to find ways to beat the heat. And while the number one antidote seems to be spending inordinate amounts of time in the walk-in fridge, this week’s email is dedicated to more practical tips for overheated cheese lovers. Contrary to popular belief, summertime is the perfect time to eat cheese! In the dog days of summer, nothing beats a simple salad, a crusty baguette, and a nice wedge of cheese for dinner.

We’ve also got some new cheeses on the block that are the perfect thing for whipping up simple, but delicious summery dishes. Read up and see what’s new in the case at Saxelby Cheesemongers!

Raw Sheeps’ Milk Feta
Bonnieview Farm, VT

Now that summer is here, we can welcome back all those aged sheep cheeses we love so well! Bonnieview Farm makes one heck of a sheeps’ milk feta… it’s creamy, salty, and just the right amount of sheepy. For those feta connoisseurs out there, this one’s a gem! Try it crumbled in a watermelon salad (this recipe is pretty basic, but try adding mint, olives, or pickled red onions!) It also makes a mean Greek salad.

Georgic (aka quark or farmers’ cheese)
Calkins Creamery, PA

From Eastern Europe to the kitchens of French peasants from times gone by to American pioneers, just about everyone throughout history has relished some version of fresh farmers’ cheese! It’s the cheese that goes by a thousand names: farmers’ cheese, quark, pot cheese, just to name a few. And while all those variations have their own specific taste, tang, and texture, they’re part of a vast family of fresh cheeses that are largely forgotten and under-utilized today. Georgic is our new Quark-style cheese from Calkins Creamery in Pennsylvania, and has turned out to be a veritable culinary chameleon. Try it for breakfast schmeared on toast with honey or preserves, eat it straight up with fresh seasonal fruit on top for breakfast or dessert, use it as a bed for a salad of roasted veggies, or bake it into a cheesecake (experiment with this versatile recipe from Melissa Clark) for a divine treat!


Last weekend, Saxelby Cheesemongers hit up the Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival for our second Day A-Whey trip of the season! Check out our photos of chedddar-making with Nat Bacon of Shelburne Farms, and other general shenanigans in and around Burlington!

Shelburne Farms is an incredible place indeed. Built in the mid-1800’s by the Vanderbilt family, the farm is now a sanctuary and sustainable agriculture beacon for Vermonters and visitors alike. Their childrens’ programs, farmstead cheese making operation, beautiful inn and restaurant, and miles of gorgeous walking trails make it one of the most breathtaking places in the state.

Click here to see our Day A-Whey photo album & learn more about the cheddar making process!


Cheese on the Radio! Tune in to Cutting the Curd tonight from 4:30 to 5:00 on the Heritage Radio Network, or download the show as a podcast.

Tonight on Cutting the Curd, we’ll be honing in on the ‘State of Cheese’ in West Virginia! We’ll chat with Penny Sagawa of Spring Gap Mountain Creamery and Terry Clapp of TLC Farm Goat Dairy to see what it takes to make cheese in the Appalachian Mountains. John Denver was right, this place really goes seem like heaven…

Got questions for Cutting the Curd? Just send us an email at!

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