This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers… The Lazy Lady Strikes Again, Calkins Creamery Farm Tour, and Radio for Burgeoning Cheese Makers!

Since we opened the shop back in 2006, we’ve been big fans of Lazy Lady Farm. One of Vermont’s true cheese pioneers, Laini Fondiller has been deep in the curds and whey since the 1980’s. An innocent by-the-seat-of-her-pants trip to France turned out to be the catalyst for a life long love affair with cheese. Over the course of her career as a cheesemaker, Laini has made more varieties of cheese than are made in some entire regions of France. Her impressive array of cheese is crafted from the milk of her tiny troupe of goats, and at times, from rich cows’ milk sourced from neighboring Butterworks Farm. Stop in this week and try a few of our current favorites from one of America’s most talented cheesemakers!

The Thin Red Line (pasteurized goats’ milk)

It’s fresh chevre meets chorizo with this unusually delicious goat cheese. Each small round has a thin layer of smoked paprika running through the center of the cheese, giving it a decidedly smokey, meaty flavor.

Sweet Emotions (pasteurized goats’ milk and Jersey cream)

Steven Tyler would be proud. A sinfully sweet and delicious cheese made from a blend of goats’ milk and Butterworks cream. These little discs of gooey cheese goodness are worthy of a rock ballad or two…

Valencay (pasteurized goats’ milk)

A truncated pyramid of dense chalky goat curd that is dusted with vegetable ash and covered with a white, bloomy rind. A classic chevre named for the town in the Loire Valley that inspired it. Try it with your favorite local honey alongside for a decadent treat!

La Petite Tomme (pasteurized goats’ milk)

An unctuous little round of goats’ milk cheese that’s creamy like a Camembert. Sweet milky flavors couple with mushroomy undertones to make for a fine mouthful of cheese. Pairs perfectly with a crisp summery white wine or light and citrusy beer.


Looking for a little getaway this weekend? Head on out to Calkins Creamery in beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania this Saturday, August 20th for their last farm tour of the summer! The tour starts at 8 a.m. and cover Calkins Creamery, the Highland Farm milking barn and pastures, beehives, pigs and the caves at Calkins Creek Vineyard. We will conclude with a cheese pairing/sampling and brown bag lunch at the caves before returning back to the farm.

For tickets and more information, visit


Cheese on the Radio! Tune in to Cutting the Curd tonight from 4:30 to 5:00 on the Heritage Radio Network, or download the show as a podcast.

Tonight on Cutting the Curd, we’ll chat with Adam Spannaus of Locust Grove Farm in Tennessee to see what it takes to become a cheesemaker. Adam left his culinary career in New York City for a life of ewes, curds, & whey, and never looked back! If you’ve been dreaming of making cheese some day, listen in and get the skinny!

Got questions for Cutting the Curd? Just send us an email at!

Check out Saxelby Cheesemongers as featured in the New York Times!

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