This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers… Hello Fall Cheese & Goodbye Summer Cheese, Plus Urban Cheesemaking on Cutting the Curd!

The coming of fall each year is a time for us mongers to both celebrate and sniffle as we herald the arrival of rich autumnal cheeses, while summer cheeses we’ve grown fond of leave us until next year. This week’s email is a rundown of what’s on its way out and what’s on its way in… Either way, get yourself down to the Essex Market for a taste!
Hello Fall Cheese and Other Delectable Dairy:

david major making cheese

David Major of Vermont Shepherd with fresh sheep milk

Vermont Shepherd

Raw sheeps’ milk. Vermont Shepherd, VT
Ah yes, this long awaited cheese has finally arrived! Each year come August, we start pestering the folks over at Vermont Shepherd about the release of their delicious sheeps’ milk tomme. Last Thursday we got our first shipment of the year, and let me tell ya, these wheels are like giant pieces of sheeps’ milk candy. Vermont Shepherd is a dense and toothsome cheese, with notes of hazelnuts and caramelized milk interwoven with sweet summer grass and tart citrusy flavors. Each batch comes with a note from the farm that tells us where the sheep were grazing when they made the batch of cheese.
Animal Farm Buttermilk
Pasteurized cows’ milk. Animal Farm, VT
Diane St. Clair’s diminutive herd of Jersey cows is back in action after a late summer respite, and man are we happy about it! Each summer, Diane takes a break from her butter (and buttermilk) making practice because as one can imagine, trying to make butter when it’s 85 degrees out is pretty much a losing proposition… good for pouring on popcorn maybe, but not too great for anything else. For those of you who haven’t tried it, her buttermilk is the real deal. Tart, tangy, and rich, perfect for baking (Diane swears by her buttermilk waffles) or drinking straight up.

See ya Next Year Summer Cheese
(i.e. get ’em while the gettin’s good!):
Summer Snow
Pasteurized sheeps’ milk. Woodcock Farm, VT
It seems like we just blinked our eyes and the whole summer flew by. Yes, it’s already time to say goodbye to our beloved Summer Snow. If you haven’t yet tried one of these bright and citrusy little camembert-style wheels of sheeps’ milk goodness, don’t delay! Get over to the shop right now and take one home before they’re gone for the year. If soft and creamy cheese is your thing, you’ll meet your match with these cheeses.
Ricotta Lana
Pasteurized sheeps’ milk. Vermont Shepherd, VT
Sheep cheese is a fickle mistress, here today and gone tomorrow, and always in a super limited quantity. I guess I could take this analogy further, but I won’t. Don’t want to get too saucy too early on a Monday morning… One bite of this sheeps’ milk ricotta and you’ll be transported straight to a Sicilian nonna’s kitchen, inhaling the vapors of delicious food being cooked with just a whiff of the barnyard outside. Evocative, rich, and delicious, this ricotta is sweet and milky with a touch of wooly, lanolin tang.


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