The Top Ten Things we Ate at Essex Market! (yes, we eat more than just cheese sandwiches… shocking, but true)
Lately at the newsstands, I’ve been seeing a bunch of big, splashy roundup issues of New York foodie-centric magazines laying out their favorite nosh-ables in the city. It’s still one of
the best kept secrets in town, but the vendors at the Essex Market have been slowly but surely upping the ante in the lunch game. These days, the market is practically busting at the seams with delicious bites! Here (in no particular order… it’s too hard to decide!) are my top ten favorites…

Fish Sandwich at Rainbo’s / Tra-La-La
This eclectic collection of comestibles features one of the best fish sandwiches in the city. A fillet of tilapia grilled, seasoned, topped with tartar sauce, and then stuck between two slices of whole wheat bread. It’s one of the best deals on the Lower East Side, so splurge on one of their spectacular homemade muffins while you’re at it!
Blisters on My Sisters at Shopsins
I already know I’m going to get in trouble for this, but I would be a liar if I didn’t put Shopsins in my top ten… This vintage Shopsins dish is breakfast heaven in a skillet. Tortillas, beans, and other accoutrements you can choose, topped with hot, bubbling cheese and sunny side up eggs.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Boubouki
Rona Economou is one of the best cooks I know, and choosing one item from her arsenal of delicious goodies was not easy. However, I am a midwestern girl at heart, raised in a family where Tollhouse cookies were like religion. Loosely translated: a good chocolate chip cookie pretty much sends me over the moon. Hers are made with a special Greek grape molasses to give them a subtly sweet kick.

Prosciutto and Parmigiano Sandwich at Heritage Meat Shop
This salty sweet sandwich will made you think you’ve died and gone to heaven. The Heritage Meat Shop crew takes American made proscuitto (usually Surryano ham from Edwards in Virginia or Col. Newsom’s from Kentucky) shaves it paper-thin, layers it generously onto fresh bread, tops it with shavings of Parmigiano and then drizzles a bit of amazing olive oil on top.

Fruit Salad at Viva
This may sound silly, but seriously. The best, freshest (and cheapest!) fruit salad in the city can be found at the Essex Market. Viva makes theirs with a generous mix of melon, citrus, pineapple, and grapes, giving you the best of the fruity universe, for less than 2 bucks! Sound too good to be true?! come grab one for yourself and see.

Yuzu Sauerkraut at Ni Ni
The ever-changing array of Japanese delights at Ni Ni leaves me circling like a vulture, waiting to see what they’re going to cook up next. Last week, I had their yuzu sauerkraut, a perfectly fermenty little salad that was equal parts bright, citrusy, and tangy. Anything you get here’s going to be good, so check it out already!

Chicken Chipotle Taco at Brooklyn Taco
A fresh corn tortilla heaped high with shaved chicken seasoned with smokey chipotle definitely hits the spot at lunchtime. The offerings at Brooklyn Taco change daily, so even if this one’s not on the menu when you go, you’re bound to be delighted by something. And, BONUS! They also brew Blue Bottle coffee! I guess that’s two things, but sometimes I just can’t help myself…

Ploughman’s Sandwich at Saxelby Cheesemongers

This might be considered cheating, but let’s face it. I eat cheese every single, solitary day. To not list it among my favorites would omit the largest food group present in my diet

. Our Ploughman’s consists of Shelburne 2 year old Cheddar, schmeared with Raisin Hater’s Apple Chili Chutney… British pub fare gone sandwich-style!

Fresh Coconut at Batista

Move over Vita Coco! Who needs all that tetra-pak nonsense when you can have your very own coconut machete-d open before your very eyes! If you’re feeling parched, head over to Batista and buy a fresh, young coconut. They’ll even equip you with an extra-long straw and hack open the empty shell to help you get the coconut meat.

Chocolate Hazelnut Squares at Roni Sue’s Chocolates

This was a tough one. Roni Sue’s Chocolate Shop is so chock-full of tasty confections, picking just one was nigh impossible. But celebrated as she is for her bacon-laced treats, my favorite sometimes is the simple, humble, but solid little chocolate hazelnut square. It’s a little burst of Nutella-esque goodness that delivers a perfect blast of afternoon energy.


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