This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers…
Cheese & Sake at Family Recipe,

Plus Cheese Sculptor Sarah Kaufmann
on Cutting the Curd!

Cheese & sake. Fermented odd couple or match made in heaven?
We definitely believe the latter to be true!
Our first ever cheese & sake pairing prompted us to do a little bit
of research about this delicious quaffable tradition…
Here’s a little sake trivia for your Monday morning
(hey, why the heck not?)

There are over 80 varieties of rice used to make sake.
The process of making sake is more similar to brewing beer
than it is to making wine
(which makes it a great culinary companion for cheese!)
The first mention of sake in Japanese writing dates
back to the third century AD.
In 1907, the first ever government organized sake tasting
and competition was organized.
In Japanese, sake, or o-sake, refers to alcoholic beverages in general.
The Japanese call true sake ‘Nihonshu’

Join us next Tuesday night, December 6th,
for a three course prix fixe menu featuring
cheese & sake pairings at Family Recipe,
a delicious new Japanese joint on the
Lower East Side.
For reservations ($60)
call Family Recipe at 212-529-3133


Tune in to Cutting the Curd today from 4:30-5:00pm

on the Heritage Radio Network, or download the show

as a podcast and listen anytime!

Ever heard of a cheese sculptor? On today’s episode of

Cutting the Curd, Sarah Kaufmann, ‘The Cheese Lady’

will give us the skinny on what it takes to craft marvels

like alligators, aircraft carriers,

and effigies of Jay Leno from gigantic blocks of cheese!

Got questions for Cutting the Curd? Ideas for future shows?

Tell us what you want to hear!

Email us at!


Gotta give a gift? Send the gift of cheese to someone you love!

Visit for our full selection of cheesy packages,

gift certificates, and more! We ship all across the country,

so what are you waiting for?


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